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Orbit strategy with filter based on whether in cache or not
import {
} from '@orbit/coordinator';
export default {
create() {
return new RequestStrategy({
name: 'store-yapp-api-query-blocking',
source: 'store',
on: 'beforeQuery',
target: 'yapp-api',
action: 'pull',
blocking: true,
filter: onlySingleRecordLookupsThatAreNotAlreadyCached,
catch(e) {
console.log('error performing yapp-api.pull', e); // eslint-disable-line
throw e;
function onlySingleRecordLookupsThatAreNotAlreadyCached(query) {
if (query.expression.op !== 'findRecord') {
return false;
return !this.source.cache.getRecordSync(query.expression.record);
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