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Last active February 27, 2017 12:07
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Caffe - Rewrite Accuracy layer as a Python layer
import caffe
import json
class AccuracyLayer(caffe.Layer):
Rewrite Accuracy layer as a Python layer
Accepts JSON-encoded parameters through param_str
Use like this:
layer {
name: "accuracy"
type: "Python"
bottom: "pred"
bottom: "label"
top: "accuracy"
include {
phase: TEST
python_param {
module: "accuracy_layer"
layer: "AccuracyLayer"
param_str: "{\"top_k\": 2}"
def setup(self, bottom, top):
assert len(bottom) == 2, 'requires two layer.bottoms'
assert len(top) == 1, 'requires a single'
if hasattr(self, 'param_str') and self.param_str:
params = json.loads(self.param_str)
params = {}
self.top_k = params.get('top_k', 1)
def reshape(self, bottom, top):
def forward(self, bottom, top):
# Renaming for clarity
predictions = bottom[0].data
ground_truth = bottom[1].data
num_correct = 0.0
# NumPy magic - get top K predictions for each datum
top_predictions = (-predictions).argsort()[:, :self.top_k]
for batch_index, predictions in enumerate(top_predictions):
if ground_truth[batch_index] in predictions:
num_correct += 1
# Accuracy is averaged over the batch
top[0].data[0] = num_correct / len(ground_truth)
def backward(self, top, propagate_down, bottom):
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What happens during the test phase,
Will it get averaged over all the iterations?

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