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lulalala / friendly_inspect.rb
Created August 31, 2021 13:26
friendly inspect which omits long strings or complex objects
def inspect
result = instance_variables.each
.with_object({}) { |name, h| h[name] = instance_variable_get(name) }
.reject { |name, value| value.nil? }
.map { |name, value|
case value
when true, false, Symbol, Numeric, Array, Hash
when String
if value.length > 80
lulalala /
Created August 5, 2018 15:12
企劃 personal log


軟體工程師都很能理解營運一個網站,完善的 log 系統是不可或缺的。 除了在發生錯誤時能用來除錯以外,也能透過資料分析來當作各項指標, 進行科學的自我改善。

同樣的,一個人生活中,紀錄不也有同樣的好處嗎? 有了紀錄,可以查詢到上次感冒是什麼時候, 新的習慣養成是否成功,生活上有什麼大小改變等等。

lulalala / rails_rollback_dirty_bug.rb
Last active January 22, 2018 08:45
Rails rollback does not revert to previous dirty state bug
require 'bundler'
require 'active_record'
require 'minitest/autorun'
require 'logger'
# This connection will do for database-independent bug reports.
ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection(adapter: 'sqlite3', database: ':memory:')
ActiveRecord::Base.logger =
lulalala /
Last active January 15, 2018 16:32
abstract for RailsConf

There are many use cases where the ActiveModel::Errors interface is tedious to use, such message formatting and testing. This talk presents these cases, and explains why the limitation can be simply solved by taking an object-oriented approach, which results in the AdequateErrors gem. The gem's implementation is explained, and the talk will showcase examples on how it can make your coding life easier.

foo.with_lock do
# insert a
bar.with_lock do
# Mysql2::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded
lulalala / gist:db650baca4a5690467894f3cf742a33b
Created February 23, 2017 03:03
140 characters string, which Twitter think is 18 characters too long
lulalala / active_record_to_s.rb
Created February 21, 2017 06:15
Have ActiveRecord#to_s print out the id. More useful than printing out the Ruby object id.
class ActiveRecord::Base
def to_s
irb(main):016:0> == 0.015.to_money
=> true
=> "1.5"
irb(main):018:0> 0.015.to_money.instance_variable_get(:@fractional).to_s
=> "2.0"
# controller
@open_id = params[:open].to_i
# spec
expect(assigns(:open_id)).to eq(@params[:open].to_i)
require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'
(1..91).each do |i|
f = Fountain.create(issue:i, title:i)
(1..91).each do |i|
f = Fountain.find_by(issue:i)
i_s = "%02d" % i