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module "elastic-beanstalk-environment" {
source = "cloudposse/elastic-beanstalk-environment/aws"
version = "0.13.0"
app = "plupu-test-app"
keypair = "tb-keypair"
namespace = "sv"
private_subnets = ["subnet-06e1a5638be1d2552","subnet-06b9c862326ca7295"]
public_subnets = ["subnet-0f9a9b905acc08827", "subnet-0ba9e721df1ab29fc"]
security_groups = ["sg-07f9582d82c4058e8, sg-0bf6bf06395fdf2c4"]
stage = "staging"
vpc_id = "vpc-0bfa15e53ec9a004a"
he root module does not declare a variable named "service_name". To use this
value, add a "variable" block to the configuration.
Using a variables file to set an undeclared variable is deprecated and will
become an error in a future release. If you wish to provide certain "global"
settings to all configurations in your organization, use TF_VAR_...
environment variables to set these instead.
Error: Incorrect attribute value type
on .terraform/modules/elastic-beanstalk-environment/cloudposse-terraform-aws-elastic-beanstalk-environment-01d4052/ line 318, in resource "aws_security_group" "default":
318: security_groups = ["${var.security_groups}"]
Inappropriate value for attribute "security_groups": element 0: string
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