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VSCode vs Visual Studio

What is VSCode? Is it related to Visual Studio? How is Microsoft involved?

VSCode is not the same as Visual Studio. Visual Studio is Microsoft proprietary, runs exclusively on Windows. VSCode is an open source initiative started by Microsoft but now runs on many platforms, including macOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Now Microsoft did inject some secret sauce into VSCode. According to VSCodium....

  1. Some parts of VSCode send Telemetry Data to Microsoft. That's for tracking usage and bugs.

  2. Some parts of debuggers (like C++ and C#) are proprietary and not open source. (I used C and Rust debuggers on open source VSCode, seems fine to me.)

  3. There's minimal Microsoft branding inside VSCode

If you don't wish to have any of Microsoft's secret sauce, you may use VSCodium, which is VSCode built by the open source community, without any Microsoft proprietary stuff...

For Raspberry Pi we may use the Headmelted build. This is the open-source build that we use for debugging PineTime on Raspberry Pi...

VSCode Debugger is actually just a sugar coating on top of the GNU Debugger (gdb) command-line interface. It prettifies gdb with visual flair.

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pagalt commented Nov 30, 2021

Hi! doesn't exist anymore and as a result, my rust script from this tutorial : fails.

Is there an alternative VSCode I could install? I'm just trying to remove the flash protection from my pinetime and put Infinitime on it.

Thank you!

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lupyuen commented Nov 30, 2021

Hi: Sorry I'm no longer maintaining Visual Rust. To remove Flash Protection from PineTime, try using PineTime Updater...

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