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Last active February 13, 2018 04:22
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CapMetro API Wishlist

Support CORS. Allow the API to be accessed through webapps without having to setup a proxy server in between.

Add documentation! Sneaking around the API and looking at the the trip planner code is not optimal.

Build an API the right way. Provide API keys so you can throttle requests and make sure things aren't getting slow.

More frequent polling of the bus locations. Right now it takes 30-90 seconds for bus locations to update. This sucks for users.

When will the 803 info be added to the GTFS database?

Finish and publish the GTFS-Realtime feed.

Make the GTFS data more consistent within itself.

  • The 0 and 1 indicators for north/south are opposite between metrorapid and metrorail
  • Crestview used to be spelled crestiview
  • Make the stop_times table more precise! It seems impossible to determine the schedule for the MetroRail 550 with the GTFS data.

Make the GTFS data more consistent with the API.

  • The API uses N/S (and sometimes NB/SB or Northbound/Southbound) to indicate the direction. GTFS uses 0 and 1. Please use 0 and 1.

Provide realtime data for all the routes.

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