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Managing MySQL user accounts with Chef
include_recipe "databag_decrypt::default"
password = search(:passwords, "id:mysql_admin_password").first
mysql_password = item_decrypt(password[:data])
users = search(:users)
deleted_users = search(:deleted_users)
deleted_users.each do |deleted_user|
users.delete_if {|user| user['id'] == deleted_user['id']}
if node[:mysql][:manage_users] == true
users.each do |u|
execute "add-mysql-user-#{u[:id]}" do
command "/usr/bin/mysql -u root -p#{mysql_password} -D mysql -r -B -N -e \"CREATE USER '#{u[:id]}'@'localhost'\""
action :run
only_if { `/usr/bin/mysql -u root -p#{mysql_password} -D mysql -r -B -N -e \"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM user where User='#{u[:id]}' and Host = 'localhost'"`.to_i == 0 }
execute "grant-perms-#{u[:id]}" do
command "/usr/bin/mysql -u root -p#{mysql_password} -D mysql -r -B -N -e \"GRANT SELECT, FILE on *.* to '#{u[:id]}'@'localhost'\""
action :run
not_if { `/usr/bin/mysql -u root -p#{mysql_password} -D mysql -r -B -N -e \"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM user where User='#{u[:id]}' and Host = 'localhost'"`.to_i == 0 }

fjfish commented Jun 30, 2013

Have you seen the opscode database recipe that does most of this across three or four platforms?

DenisBY commented Oct 23, 2013

OpsCode's cookbook requires to install ruby and mysql gem. Why I need them on my DB server?

This seems to only offer granularity at the database level, nothing at the table level. So I could not have a users with SELECT on db1.table1 and SELECT, UPDATE on db1.table2.

I do like the way you run DROP USER before (if you did not do that old users would stay around forever).

I've found it's important to also flush the privileges when they change

# flush mysql privs if any are changed
execute "mysql-flush-privs" do
  command /usr/bin/mysql -u root -p#{mysql_password} -D mysql -r -B -N -e \"FLUSH PRIVILEGES;\""
  action :nothing

Then add to the grant execute blocks

notifies :run, "execute[mysql-flush-privs]", :delayed

So that a flush is run at the end of the chef run if any user privs were changed.

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