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@luxbock luxbock/profiles.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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:dependencies [[im.chit/vinyasa "0.2.2"]
;; ...
[leiningen #=(leiningen.core.main/leiningen-version)]]
:injections [(require '[vinyasa.inject :as inject]
;; other requires
;; Inject as is
[ print->> print-> print-defn print-cond print-sexp print-let]
[clojure.core [macroexpand-1 mex] [macroexpand mexx]]
[clojure.walk [macroexpand-all mexa]]
;; Inject with > prefix, i.e. >pprint
clojure.core >
[vinyasa.inject inject]
[vinyasa.pull pull]
[vinyasa.lein lein]
[vinyasa.reimport reimport]
[alembic.still distill]
[table.core table]
[ refresh]
[ trace trace-vars trace-ns untrace-ns]
[clojure.repl apropos dir doc find-doc source pst [root-cause >cause]]
[clojure.pprint pprint pp]
[ sh]
[criterium.core benchmark quick-benchmark])]}}
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