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Last active Jun 13, 2020
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import requests
import pandas as pd
Script to fetch 50,000 311 noise complaints from NYC Open Data.
Substitute your own API key.
date = '2020-01-15'
#311 complaints endpoint
endpoint = "$where=created_date<'{}' AND complaint_type like 'Noise%25'&$limit=50000".format(date)
headers={'X-App-Token': NYC_OPEN_DATA_API_KEY}
result = requests.get(endpoint, headers=headers)
noise_complaints = pd.DataFrame(result.json())
#drop irrelevant columns
columns_to_drop = ['address_type', 'agency',
'bbl', 'community_board',
'cross_street_1', 'cross_street_2', 'due_date',
'facility_type', 'landmark',
'intersection_street_1', 'intersection_street_2','location',
'open_data_channel_type', 'park_borough', 'park_facility_name',
'x_coordinate_state_plane', 'y_coordinate_state_plane','city', 'street_name']
#filter for status == 'Closed' then drop status column
noise_complaints = noise_complaints[noise_complaints.status == 'Closed']
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