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How I like to run my Jupyter notebooks

Step 0. Install Docker

Step 1. For your chosen project, decide where you want to store your notebooks and files in a workingfolder.

Step 2. Open that folder in the terminal cd workingfolder

Step 3. Run this command

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/home/jovyan/work -p 8888:8888 jupyter/all-spark-notebook

Step 4. This above step generates a link. Open that link in your preferred browser. The browser window will then automatically show all those notebooks stored in that workingfolder and now you can click to save changes. And also you do not need to upload/download anything.

Step 5. Have fun with your project you are working on for Step 1.

Step 6. Exit browser and break step 3 in terminal by pressing control-C

Repeat steps 1..6 for another project.

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