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Created July 14, 2010 08:53
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Try to scrape formula information from @formula.homepage.
# Small utility which uses the homepage and nokogori to get a description from the formula's homepage.
# As written in the homebrew wiki:
# > Homebrew doesn’t have a description field because the homepage is always up to date,
# > and Homebrew is not. Thus it’s less maintenance for us. To satisfy the description
# > we’re going to invent a new packaging microformat and persuade everyone to publish
# > it on their homepage.
# Too bad no packaging microformat has yet been invented, but brew-more just first looks for a
# `<meta name="description">` tag, then for an `a#project_summary_link` tag (which is used in
# While this does not lead to a good description for all formulas, it works for quiet a few,
# try e.g. `brew more rubinius`.
# Note: this command depends on `nokogori`, `json` and `rubygems`
# Edit: non-sudo gem install works fine (by adamv)
# Edit: use google search instead of title as fallback - returns pretty good results :)
# Edit: ensure error contains json & nokogiri gem
require 'formula'
require 'uri'
require 'open-uri'
require 'rubygems'
require 'json'
require 'nokogiri'
rescue LoadError
onoe "command requires 'json' and 'nokogiri' gem..."
exit 2
# split description at 80 chars
class Object
# Define try() method to simplify Nokogori scrape-ing
def try(method, *args); self.nil? ? nil : self.send(method, *args) end
# Print usage
def usage(code = 0)
puts "Usage: brew more [formula] ... (formula description scraper)"
def scrape_info(formula)
more = "<No description>"
google = false
if doc = Nokogiri::HTML(open(formula.homepage))
part = doc.xpath('/html/head/meta[@name="description"]').first.try(:[], 'content') || doc.css('a#project_summary_link').first.try(:text)
unless part
# try a google search :)
if hash = JSON.load(open("{URI.escape(formula.homepage)}&v=1.0")).try(:[], 'responseData').try(:[], 'results').try(:first)
part = Nokogiri::HTML(hash['title']).text + ' ' + Nokogiri::HTML(hash['content']).text
google = true
more,c = part.split(/ +/).inject([' ',1]) do |res, i|
if (i.length + 1 + res[1]) > MAX_CHARS
res[0] << "\n "
res[1] = 1
[res[0] << " " << i, res[1] + 1 + i.length]
end if part
more = "(Description via Google) \n" << more if google
morebody = formula.homepage.to_s, more, "\n"
ohai "#{} #{formula.version}" + ( ? " (installed)" : ""), morebody
if ARGV.include?('-h') || ARGV.include?('--help')
elsif ARGV.named.empty?
onoe "please specifiy a formula"
ARGV.formulae.each { |formula| scrape_info(formula) }
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tjnycum commented Jun 4, 2015

May I suggest storing this in a regular repo ("homebrew-more") so it can be tapped and installed easily?

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Note that brew-desc is now part of the core and all formulae have a desc field (at least in the core).

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@Drewshg312 Assuming ~/bin exists and is in your PATH this should work:

cd ~/bin
chmod u+x brew-more.rb

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