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Download and convert data from NYC open data portal

curl -o ""
cd nynta_12c

ogr2ogr can't deal with the projection directly. Replace content of nynta.prj with the following projection string:


Then reproject and simplify using ogr2ogr

ogr2ogr -f "GeoJSON" -s_srs nynta.prj -t_srs EPSG:4326 -simplify 10 nycneighborhoods.geojson nynta.shp

Now copy the JSON object of nycneighborhoods.geojson into nycneighborhoods.js so that var neighborhoods = <contentsofnycneighborhoods.geojson>;.


ghost commented Jul 7, 2014

Hi Ixbarth!

I have followed an example over at ( where they use your technique for fixing the GeoJson-file into the right format. My problem now is that I have a shapefile for the different areas in Stockholm, Sweden instead, and try to use the tutorial over at mapbox. Unfortunately I can't get it right and wonder if you have any set-up tips for different shapefiles?

Thank in advance!

happen to still have this geojson? ogr2ogr messes up for me for whatever reason

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