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from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs
import urllib3
import json
import threading
import time
def get_html(url):
http = urllib3.PoolManager()
response = http.request('GET', url, timeout=4.0)
content =
soup = bs(content, 'html.parser')
return soup
def get_data(url):
http = urllib3.PoolManager()
response = http.request('GET', url, timeout=4.0)
def get_json(url):
return json.loads(get_data(url).decode('utf-8'))
# def get_protobuf2json(url):
# return get_data(url)
def get_yyb():
# print('yyb', time.time())
yyb = get_html('')
version = yyb.find_all(class_='pp-comp-extra-p')[1].string.replace('\n', '').replace('\r', '')
print('应用宝 '+version)
def get_mi():
# print('mi', time.time())
mi = get_json('')
print('小 米 版本:'+mi['appMap']['vname'])
def get_hw():
# print('hw', time.time())
hw = get_json('|C100509837&appid=C100509837')
print('华 为 版本:'+hw['layoutData'][10]['dataList'][0]['versionName'])
def get_vivo():
# print('vivo', time.time())
vivo = get_html('')
version ='li[class="ly-com.github.mybatis.fl"]')[0].string
print(' VIVO '+version)
# oppo使用protobuf难以解析
# feed.ParseFromString(urllib3.PoolManager().request('GET', '', timeout=4.0).read())
# oppo = get_protobuf2json('')
# print(feed)
# print('OPPO 版本:'+hw['layoutData'][10]['dataList'][0]['versionName'])
start_time = time.time()
for t in list:
# t.setDaemon(True)
for t in list:
# get_mi()
# get_yyb()
# get_hw()
# get_vivo()
print('主线程结束了!' , threading.current_thread().name)
print('一共用时:', time.time()-start_time)
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