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Last active October 2, 2019 06:14
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Create geojson from shape file
import shapefile
# read the shapefile
reader = shapefile.Reader("hello.shp")
fields = reader.fields[1:]
field_names = [field[0] for field in fields]
buffer = []
for sr in reader.shapeRecords():
atr = dict(zip(field_names, sr.record))
geom = sr.shape.__geo_interface__
buffer.append(dict(type="Feature", \
geometry=geom, properties=atr))
# write the GeoJSON file
from json import dumps
geojson = open("hello.json", "w")
geojson.write(dumps({"type": "FeatureCollection",\
"features": buffer}, indent=2) + "\n")
features = geojson['features']
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