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lynaghk / taxes.smt2
Created Aug 1, 2022
S-Corp tax optimization with the Z3 Theorem Prover
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;; Solo freelancer's S-Corp tax optimization
;; Assumes an unmarried single-shareholder and tons of other stuff.
;; I'm not a tax professional, no guarantees here, probably typos, etc. Come on!
;; Run with
;; See also my notes at
lynaghk /
Last active Jul 22, 2022
earthly vs toast

Comparing Earthly and Toast for isolated / repeatable development.

Calculate a performance floor by running a fast command, echo, in the context of a large container (the emscripten SDK takes up about 1 GB).

After the initial build and caching, Toast takes 800ms and Earthly about 7 seconds on my 2020 M1 Macbook Air.

  • MacOS 12.5
  • Docker Desktop 4.10.1
  • Toast 0.45.5
  • Earthly v0.6.20 ad869c06c884b10f88948b5852ab22b4d7262e20
lynaghk / user.clj
Created Mar 18, 2022
Rel and Datascript comparison
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;; A comparison of Rel:
;; with datascript:
;; Unless otherwise indicated, all datascript outputs match the ones shown in the Rel Primer.
(ns user
(:require [datascript.core :as d]
(def csv
lynaghk /
Last active Jul 15, 2022
"Serverless" WebRTC demo.

"Serverless" WebRTC demo

Start a server on localhost and open index.html (the host) and index.html#client (the client) in two different browser windows. They'll do their lil' p2p connection discovery dance via the wonderful public service that is and, once established, a video-only camera feed from the client will display on the host.

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id val
C4410 1000
C17985 750
C17887 300
C17900 100000
C17901 100
C17902 10000
C17903 10
C17924 180
C17928 1
lynaghk /
Created Feb 6, 2021
Download JLCPCB part library as a spreadsheet ( then turn it into a sqlite database so you can search/view/sort parts using
#!/usr/bin/env python
import xlrd
import os
import sys
import csv
import re
re_px = re.compile(":([0-9.]+)")
lynaghk /
Created Sep 24, 2019
streaming realsense depth map video over network
pub mod network;
pub mod realsense_bindings;
pub type CameraTimestamp = u64;
pub const WIDTH: usize = 640;
pub const HEIGHT: usize = 480;
pub const FPS: usize = 30;
pub const FRAME_SIZE: usize = WIDTH * HEIGHT * 2; //16 bit depth info
pub const RECIEVER_ADDR: &'static str = "";
lynaghk / reinforcement_learning.clj
Created Sep 4, 2019
Reinforcement learning sketch
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(ns reinforcement-learning
(:require [clojure.set :refer [difference union]]
[clojure.string :as str]
[lonocloud.synthread :as ->]))
;; Tic Tac Toe bits
;; based on
lynaghk / SketchSystems.spec
Last active Jan 24, 2023
# A big and slow sketch useful for perf testing.
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# A big and slow sketch useful for perf testing.
A1 -> A2
A2 -> A3
A3 -> A4