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Warframe Fortuna Stuff



Chambers seem to determine the base damage type, accuracy, and fire rate.

  • Catchmoon Chamber
  • Chillfinger Chamber: Reach out and Blast someone. Precision with every pull of the trigger.
  • Gaze Chamber
  • Rattleguts Chamber: Let 'er rip, rapid fire.


Grips seem to also determine the fire rate, the beam range (for beam weapons), and damage.

  • Brash Grip
  • Gibber Grip
  • Haymaker Grip: The ultimate grip for when one shot is all you need. Devastating. Minimum rate-of-fire; minimum range for beam weapons. Maximum damage.
  • Lovetap Grip: The weapon grip of the measured killer. Slower rate-of-fire; lower range for beam weapons. Great damage.
  • Ramble Grip
  • Shrewd Grip


Loaders seem to determine crit / status chance.

  • Bashrak Loader
  • Bellows Loader
  • Deepbreath Loader
  • Flutterfire Loader: A fast-loader with maximum status chance and minimum critical chance.
  • Killstream Loader
  • Ramflare Loader

(And judging by the scrollbar, 3-4 more)

Moa Companions


Models seem to determine the overall 'class' of Moa, and their base precepts.

  • Lambeo Moa ("top hat"): This model is built for offense, using the Tether Mine and Lift Bomb precepts.
  • Oloro Moa: This model is built for utility, using the Tractor Beam and Hacker precepts.
  • Para Moa


Cores seem to determine the health, shields and armor of the Moa.

  • Alcrum Core: A well-balanced core.
  • Drex Core
  • Krisys Core: This core features durable armor, but less shields.


Gears seem to determine the weapon that the Moa uses.

  • Harpen Gear: Grappling Hook. Pulls an enemy within 15m to the Moa. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Hextra Gear
  • Munit Gear
  • Phazor Gear ("bowtie"): Single target. Low Electric Damage, high chance to stun the target. Shoots one round every three seconds.
  • Thermor Gear: Burst beam weapon that deals a high amounts of Heat Damage after charging for four seconds.


Set Mods

  • Tek: Has a kavat icon - the Smeeta?
    • Tek Collateral
    • Tek Gravity
  • Synth: Has a Dethcube icon?
    • Synth Reflex
  • Strain: Helminth Charger icon?
    • Strain Consume
  • Mecha: Another kavat icon, but with a wider face - Adarza?
    • Mecha Empowered
    • Mecha Pulse


  • Kreska Blueprint: Looks like a melee? My guess is a scythe.
  • Ocucor Blueprint: Secondary?
  • Battacor Blueprint: Primary?


  • Oxylus Sentinel
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