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List of influences on the TKP curriculum

Teaching Kids Programming

TKPJava and TKPSmallBasic

Curriculum Directions / Influences

Core Ideas


  1. Alan Kay - (methods of teaching)
  2. Brett Victor -!/InventingOnPrinciple (methods of teaching)
  3. Seymour Papert - (methods of teaching - constructionism / Logo)
  4. Carol Dweck - (Mindset book - on learning)
  5. Linda Reising - (Fearless Change book and materials - Agile mindset)
  6. Caitlin Kelleher - (StoryTelling Alice - on teaching computational thinking to girls)
  7. Kent Beck - (Test-driven development and also for XP practices)
  8. Kathy Sierra - (creating a series of small and excellent code examples)
  9. David McCandless -- (Information is Beautiful - data visualization)

Languages and Tools

Current (using or exploring)

Standard Programming Languages and Tools

Kid's (Visual) Programming Languages

Data-centric or Math-focused languages and tools

Past Experiments

(TKP team tested these platforms/languages and decided to focus on other areas at this time)

  • Scratch
  • Squeak
  • Minecraft
  • Greenfoot
  • KhanAcademy Javascript
  • Codecademy
  • Alice / Storytelling Alice
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Gamemaker
  • Java/BlueJ
  • Ruby/HacketyHack
  • WeScheme
  • ProjectSpark
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