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Last active December 4, 2019 00:53
freedom zero mark pilgrim text
Movable Type has never been Free Software, as defined by the Free Software
Foundation. It has never been open source software, as defined by the Open
Source Initiative. Six Apart survived and thrived in the blogging community
because Movable Type was “free enough.”
Many people misunderstand
Free Software and the GNU General Public License. Many people equate the GPL to
the boogeyman, because it’s “viral”, and that sounds like a bad thing.
m / gist:f27ae57113e34392c6d5
Created May 30, 2015 14:16
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var i = 0;
function unroll_me_unsubscribe() {
// Bail if share modal (indicating free limit reached) is encountered.
if ( jQuery( '#fb-root' ).length > 0 ) { return; }
var unsub_link = jQuery( '.LetterList a.uicon-set-unsubscribe:first' );
if ( unsub_link.length > 0 ) {
document.getElementById( unsub_link.attr( 'id' ) ).click();
if ( i++ < 6000 ) { /* Upper limit in case something goes wrong. */
setTimeout( unroll_me_unsubscribe, 1500 );