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Created Sep 8, 2015

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sub_10001010 = 0x61
sub_10001020 = 0x62
sub_10001030 = 0x63
sub_10001040 = 0x64
sub_10001050 = 0x65
sub_10001060 = 0x66
sub_10001070 = 0x41
sub_10001080 = 0x4d
sub_10001090 = 0x30
sub_100010A0 = 0x31
sub_100010B0 = 0x32
sub_100010C0 = 0x33
sub_100010D0 = 0x34
sub_100010E0 = 0x37
sub_100010F0 = 0x38
sub_10001100 = 0x39
sub_10001110 = 0x7b
sub_10001120 = 0x7d
f = {
'v2': sub_10001080,
'v3': sub_10001080,
'v11': sub_10001090,
'v14': sub_10001090,
'v15': sub_10001090,
'v16': sub_100010A0,
'v21': sub_100010A0,
'v7': sub_10001030,
'v12': sub_10001030,
'v18': sub_10001030,
'v8': sub_100010E0,
'v20': sub_100010E0,
'v25': sub_100010E0,
'v31': sub_10001050,
'v32': sub_10001050,
'v33': sub_100010E0,
'v34': sub_10001050,
'v38': sub_10001050,
'v43': sub_10001050,
'v9': sub_10001040,
'v26': sub_10001040,
'v29': sub_10001040,
'v44': sub_10001040,
'v4': sub_10001070,
'v5': sub_10001110,
'v6': sub_10001060,
'v10': sub_10001100,
'v13': sub_10001010,
'v17': sub_10001060,
'v19': sub_100010F0,
'v22': sub_100010B0,
'v23': sub_100010D0,
'v24': sub_10001100,
'v27': sub_100010F0,
'v28': sub_100010F0,
'v30': sub_10001100,
'v35': sub_10001060,
'v36': sub_10001010,
'v37': sub_10001100,
'v39': sub_10001100,
'v40': sub_10001020,
'v41': sub_100010C0,
'v42': sub_100010B0,
'v45': sub_100010F0,
'v46': sub_10001120
ret = ''
for i in range(2, 47):
ret += chr(f['v' + str(i)])
print ret
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