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A List of All Technical Indicators

The Source Excel File

Name Acronym Type Lead^/Lag* tv mt5 tt tc2 mio mv pc js js2 py py2 mat
Absolute Breadth Index Momentum
Absolute Price Oscillator APO
Acceleration Bands ABANDS
Accelerator Oscillator AC
Accumulation/Distribution AD | ADI Volume | Momentum
Accumulation/Distribution Oscillator ADOSC
Accumulative Swing Index
Adaptive Moving Average AMA
Advance/Decline Breadth
Advance/Decline Ratio
Advancing-Declining Issues Momentum
Advancing, Declining, Unchanged Volume Momentum
Arms Index
Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
Aroon AR | AROON
Aroon Oscillator ARO | AROONOSC
Average Directional Index ADX Trend
Average Directional Index Rating ADXR
Average Directional Index Wilder ADXWilder Trend
Average Price AVGPRICE
Average True Range ATR Trend | Volatility T? | V*
Average True Range (Normalized) NATR
Awesome Oscillator AO Momentum
Balance of Power BOP
Band Width BW
Bar Value Area BVA
Bid Volume BVOL
Bollinger Bands BB | BBANDS Trend | Volatility T? | V*
Bollinger Bands %B
Bollinger Bands Width
Breadth Thrust Momentum
Bull/Bear Ratio Sentiment
Chaikin Money Flow CMF Volume
Chaikin Oscillator Volume ^
Chaikin Volatility
Chande Kroll Stop
Chande Momentum Oscillator CMO
Chop Zone
Choppiness Index
Commodity Channel Index CCI Momentum | Trend ^
Commodity Selection Index Momentum
Connors RSI
Coppock Curve
Correlation Coefficient CORREL
Cumulative Volume Index Momentum
Custom Indicator
Demand Index
Derivative Oscillator
Detrended Price Oscillator DPO Trend
DI plus
Directional Movement (+DI -DI ADX) DMI Trend
Dollar Volume
Donchian Channels DC Volatility
Double Smoothed Stochastic Bressert
Double Stochastic George Lane
EMA Cross
Ease of Movement EOM | EMV Volume
Elder's Force Index Force | FI Volume
Elder's Ray Index (Bull & Bear Power)
Elliott Wave Oscillator EWO
Envelope (Channels, Trading Bands) Volatility
Fractal Adaptive Moving Average FrAMA
Fill Indicator FILL
Fisher Transform
Gator Oscillator Gator
Heiken-Ashi Candles HA
Herrick Payoff Index
Highest high
Historical Volatility
Historical Volatility Ratio
Hull Moving Average
Ichimoku Cloud ICH Trend | Momentum
Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average KAMA Momentum
Kaufman Efficiency Ratio
Keltner Channels KC Volatility *
Klinger Oscillator
Know Sure Thing KST Trend
Large Block Ratio Sentiment
Least Squares Moving Average
Linear Regression (Line) LR
Linear Regression Angle LRA
Linear Regression Curve
Linear Regression Intercept LRI
Linear Regression Moving
Linear Regression Slope LRM
Linear Regression Channel
Lowest low
Market Facilitation Index Bill Williams BWMFI
MA Cross
MA with EMA Cross
MACD MACD Trend | Momentum T* | M?
MACD Histogram
Mass Index MI Trend
Median Price
Member Short Ratio Sentiment
MESA Adaptive Moving Average MAMA
McClellan Oscillator Breadth
McClellan Summation Index Breadth
Midpoint MIDPNT
Midprice MIDPRI
McGinley Dynamic
Momentum MOM
Money Flow
Money Flow Index MFI Momentum
MoneyStream (Don Worden)
Moving Average SMA | MA Trend *
Moving Average Channel
Moving Average Exponential EMA | EWMA Trend *
Moving Average Weighted WMA Trend *
Negative Volume Index NVI Volume
Net Volume
New Highs-Lows Cumulative Momentum
New Highs-New Lows Divergence
New Highs/Lows Ratio
New Highs/Lows Oscillator
Odd Lot Balance Index Sentiment
Odd Lot Purchases/Sales
Odd Lot Short Ratio Sentiment
On Balance Volume OBV Volume | Momentum ^
Open Interest
Open-10 TRIN
Overbought/Oversold Breadth
Parabolic SAR SAR Trend *
Percent Price Oscillator PPO
Percent Price Histogram
Percent Volume Oscillator PVO
Performance Index PI
Pivot Points
Positive Volume Index
Price Channel PC
Price Oscillator
Price Rate-of-Change Momentum
Price Momentum Oscillator PMO Momentum
Price Volume Trend PVT Momentum
Public Short Ratio
Puts/Calls Ratio
Quadrant Lines
Rate Of Change ROC Momentum
Rate Of Change 100 ROC100
Rate Of Change Percentage ROCP
Rate Of Change Rate ROCR
Relative Strength, Comparative
Relative Strength Index RSI Momentum
Relative Strength Index Wilder Momentum
Relative Vigor Index RVI
Relative Volatility Index
Return Cumulative CR
Return Daily DR
Return Daily Log DLR
Session Cumulative Ask SAVOL
Session Cumulative Bid SBVOL
Session Volume S_VOL
SMI Ergodic Indicator/Oscillator
Smoothed Moving Average
Standard Deviation STDDEV Volatility *
Stochastic Stoch Momentum
Stochastic Fast StochF
Stochastic Slow
Stochastic Momentum Index SMI
Stochastic RSI StochRSI
Stochastic Worden
Swing Index
Time Segmented Volume
Time Series Forecast TSF
Total Short Ratio
Trade Volume Index
Triangular Moving Average TRIMA
Triple EMA Tim Tillson T3
TRIX TRIX Trend | Momentum
True Strength Index TSI Momentum
TT Cumulative Vol Delta TT CVD
Twiggs Money Flow TMF
Typical Price TYPPRICE
Ultimate Oscillator UO | ULTOSC Momentum
Upside/Downside Ratio
Upside/Downside Volume UDV
Upside/Downside Momentum UDM
Variable Index Dynamic Average VYDYA
Variance VAR
Vertical Horizonal Filter
Volume At Price VAP | VBP
Volume Delta Vol ∆
Volume on the Ask AVOL
Volume on the Bid and Ask BAVOL
Volume Oscillator
Volume Price Trend VPT Volume
Volume Profile VP
Volume Rate of Change V-ROC
Volume Weighted Average Price VWAP Volume
Volume Weighted Average Price Moving
Volume Weighted Moving Average VWMA
Vortex Indicator VI Trend
Weighted Close
Wilder's Smoothing Average WWS | WEMA
Wilder's Volatility
Williams %R WR | W%R Momentum
Williams Acceleration/Deceleration
Williams Accumulation/Distribution
Williams Alligator Alligator
Williams Awesome Oscillator
Williams Fractal
Zig Zag
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keepanote commented Sep 11, 2023

Great Projects,Can you add pandas-ta?

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Thanks. Keep in mind there are many rows where they refer to the same Indicator concept but with slight variation. (either in name or some config of the Indicator itself)

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