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Work Product for Google Summer of Code'22 with Zulip

Google Summer of Code 2022 with Zulip

This is the report of work I did as a Google Summer of Code participant with Zulip. Most of my work during GSoC is around improving and rewriting UI for user group settings, along with some minor bug fixes and code refactoring. This report mentions all pull requests and issues that I opened as parts of my contribution during GSoC.


  1. Rewrite user group settings UI: Most of the work I did during this GSoC was focussed on this project. A completely new UI analogous to stream settings UI was created from scratch, this will help us add more functionalities and permission settings related to user groups which is the final goal of the project. For this I have created following PRs.

    • #22214: Redesign group settings UI.
    • #22833: Implement edit features in user group settings overlay.

    Apart from the above two PRs, work on adding live-update support for user group on newely added #groups overlay is midway and would be pushed soon along with some other finishing work to make the newely added #groups overlay usable.

  2. Miscellaneous code refactors and bug fixes: Apart from the above project I worked on folllowing bug fixes,and refactoring work related to templates.

    • #22779: Allow usergroups in typeahead with or without @ prefix.
    • #22432: static: Move svg for check box in stream_settings_ui to static folder.
    • #22451: help: Cross link help center docs for managing stream subscriptions.

Open PRs

Following are a few PRs from past which are open, and a status on them is mentioned in detailed in #GSoC > Purushottam Tiwari.

  • #18823: left-sidebar: Add Q hotkey for zoomed topic view.
  • #18888: Adding @usergroup syntax for bulk adding usergroups to stream.
  • #19364: Deduplicate templates for stream privacy icon.

Open issues

  • #19110: Add live update for stream list in full profile modal.
  • #18949: Ignore deactivated users while adding users to stream.

Experience and future plans

Working with the Zulip community was a great learning experience. Zulip community is really helpful for anyone stuck at any phase of development. Working with my mentors and administrators I learned how to write clean and maintainable code. I also learned the art of breaking huge changes into commits that are easy to update based on reviews, and also about tackling big issues. I would like to thanks the Zulip community as well as my mentors for their highly supportive nature. I would like to contribute to Zulip even after GSoC as I've learned a lot of things while working with the Zulip community and wish to contribute and continue this journey even further.

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