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Masayoshi Mizutani

Masayoshi Mizutani



Masayoshi Mizutani is a security engineer. In university, he was studying and researching about network-based intrusion detection system and malware analysis. After graduation, he worked for various projects, e.g. SIEM (Security Information & Event Manager) integration, SOC (Security Operation Centor) Analyst, building visualization system of security data and so on.


  • Engineering for Information Security
  • Network Security for Defence, Detection and Security Forensics
  • Data Visualization and Analysis



  • Good in ...
    • Development of backend system (from architecture design to code implementation)
      • e.g. Security log management system, continuous security scanning for container image
      • Prefer serverless architecture
    • Security analyst works for Security Operation Center
    • Reading and writing academic paper
  • Have experinces of ...
    • Risk management of information security
    • Develop web service
  • Not good in ... (sometime mistaken that I'm good in)
    • Penetration testing
    • CTF


Security Engineer in Cookpad Inc. (2017.11 - present)

  • Design & Implementation of Security Monitoring System on AWS
    • Security log collection
    • Security log search engine with Amazon Athena ( detail )
      • minerva: Security Log Search Engine
      • strix: Web UI of minerva
    • Security alert detection
      • rlogs: A framework to load remote log files in Go
  • Deploy monitoring software and integration (e.g. Endpoint Detection & Response tool)

Research Staff / Security Analyst in IBM Japan (2011.4 - 2017.10)

  • Research Tokyo (2011.4-2015.3, 2016.10-2017.10)
    • Design and implementation of audit log management system
    • Develop extention and solution of integration for Security Information & Event Manager (QRadar)
    • Deploy Security Information & Event Manager into cloud environment
    • Develop system to collect security information of container system
  • Security Operation Centor (2015.4-2016.9)
    • Detect and analyze security alerts and report to customer
    • Write biannual SOC trend analysis reports
    • Security operation improvement by automation and tool development

Engineer (Internship) in Internet Systems Consortium (2010.12-2011.3)

  • Develop monitoring dashboard for Security Information Exchange


  • Ph.D. in Media and Governance, 2010, Keio University
  • Master of Media and Governance, 2008, Keio University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Information Studies, 2006, Keio University



  • サーバーレスで作るセキュリティアラート自動対応フレームワーク, 2020.3, Cookpad Developers' Blog
  • Amazon Athena を使ったセキュリティログ検索基盤の構築, 2019.11, Cookpad Developers' Blog
  • オフィス・AWS環境をセキュリティ監視するためのログ収集, 2018.5, Cookpad Developers' Blog
  • Masayoshi Mizutani. システムログ書式の構造に着目したシステム異常検出手法の検討. IPSJ Computer Security Symposium 2018, 2018.
  • Masayoshi Mizutani. Method for estimating format of log message and computer and computer program therefor. US9858168B2, 2018.
  • IBM Tokyo SOC. IBM Tokyo SOC 情報分析レポート 2016年下半期. [Column4] コマンド&コントロールサーバーのドメイン名は いかにして悪用されるか, 2017.
  • IBM Tokyo SOC. IBM Tokyo SOC 情報分析レポート 2016年上半期. [Column2] 2016年上半期におけるメールを利用した攻撃の変遷, 2016.
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  • IBM Tokyo SOC. IBM Tokyo SOC 情報分析レポート 2015年上半期. [Column3] 攻撃元 IP アドレスからみる ShellShock 脆弱性を利用した攻撃の分析, 2015.
  • IBM Tokyo SOC. IBM Tokyo SOC 情報分析レポート 2014年下半期. [Column3] ドメイン名ブラックリストの有効性, 2015.
  • Masayoshi Mizutani. Incremental Mining of System Log Format. SCC ‘13 Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Services, 2013.
  • Masayoshi Mizutani, Keiji Takeda, Jun Murai. An Analysis of Web Distributed Malwares and A Proposal of Their Detection Method. IEICE TRANSACTIONS Volume J92-B No.10, pp.1631-1642, 2009.
  • Masayoshi Mizutani, Akira Kanai, Keiji Takeda, Jun Murai. A Malware Detection Method based on Communication Commonality – Implementation and Evaluation. IPSJ 2009. Vol.50 No.9, 2009.
  • Masayoshi Mizutani, Shin Shirahata, Masaki Minami, Jun Murai. The Design and Implementation of Session Based IDS. IEICE Transactions on Communications (Japanese Edition), IEICE, Vol.89, No.3, pp.46-58, 2005.

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