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Matthew O. Smith m0smith

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m0smith / bug_fix.clj
Created Aug 26, 2019
Fixes StackOverflowError with Cider, Datomic Ions and Nrepl
View bug_fix.clj
(ns bug-demo
(:require [datomic.ion.cast :as cast]
[ :refer [output-stream]]))
(cast/initialize-redirect :stderr) ; instead of :stdout
(cast/event {:msg "ShouldNotCauseAStackOverflowErrorInCider"})
m0smith / bug_demo.clj
Created Aug 26, 2019
Shows a problem with stackover flow using cider and datomic ions
View bug_demo.clj
(ns bug-demo
(:require [datomic.ion.cast :as cast]
[ :refer [output-stream]]))
(cast/initialize-redirect :stdout)
(cast/event {:msg "ShouldNotCauseAStackOverflowErrorInCider"})
m0smith / kaocha-deps.edn
Last active Aug 14, 2019
Koacha setup in deps.edn for use with Bitbucket Pipeline
View kaocha-deps.edn
:kaocha {:extra-paths ["test"]
:extra-deps {lambdaisland/kaocha {:mvn/version "0.0-529"}
lambdaisland/kaocha-junit-xml {:mvn/version "0.0-70"}
lambdaisland/kaocha-cloverage {:mvn/version "0.0-32"}
cloverage {:mvn/version "RELEASE"}
:main-opts ["-m" "kaocha.runner"
"--plugin" "kaocha.plugin/junit-xml"
"--plugin" "cloverage" "--no-cov-summary"
"--junit-xml-file" "target/test-results/junit.xml"]}
m0smith /
Created Feb 2, 2017
VC scripts for unified SVN and GIT
import os
import subprocess
import sys
commands ={ ".svn" : ["svn","-u","status"],
".git" : ["git", "status"] }
def parent_dirs(f_or_d):
View resource-in-archives.el
(defun list-to-hash (coll)
(let ((rtnval (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(cl-loop for r across coll
when r
do (puthash (elt r 1) nil rtnval))
(defun jdee-open-source-resource-in-archive-p (archive resource)
m0smith / tooling.out
Created Mar 19, 2015
Sample groovysh using Gradle Tooling
View tooling.out
Groovy Shell (2.3.7, JVM: 1.7.0_45)
Type ':help' or ':h' for help.
malabar = { classLoader = new groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader();
Map[] grapez = [[group: '' , module:'malabar', version:'2.3.2-SNAPSHOT']];
groovy.grape.Grape.grab(classLoader: classLoader, grapez);
classLoader.loadClass('com.software_ninja.malabar.MalabarStart').newInstance().startCL(classLoader); };
groovy:000> malabar = { classLoader = new groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader();
m0smith / malabar-flycheck.el
Created Dec 10, 2014
Trying to get a flycheck checker that will be a callback from url-retrieve
View malabar-flycheck.el
(require 'flycheck)
(defun malabar-flycheck-command ( checker cback )
"Use flycheck to search the current buffer for compiler errrors."
(if (not (comint-check-proc "*groovy*"))
(funcall cback 'finished nil)
(let* ((pom (ede-find-project-root "pom.xml"))
(pom-path (format "%spom.xml" pom))
(script (if (buffer-modified-p) (buffer-file-name) (buffer-file-name))))
View diwithctx.clj
(defnctx-keys foo [db]
(update! db "foo")))
(defnctx app [_ (foo)])
(apply-ctx app (init-context))
m0smith / direader2.clj
Created Apr 17, 2014
Transform reader monad
View direader2.clj
(defn foo* [context]
(let [db (get context :db)]
(update! db "foo")))
(defn app* [context]
(let [_ (foo* context)]))
m0smith / direader.clj
Created Apr 17, 2014
Dependency Injection in Clojure 5.1 - Reader Monad
View direader.clj
(defn foo []
(domonad reader-m [db (asks :db)]
(update! db "foo")))
(defn app []
(domonad reader-m [_ (foo)]))
((app) (init-context))
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