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Last active December 18, 2023 19:10
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Apple M1 ARM GDB Build from Source with Python Support
#!/usr/bin/env sh
# NOTE: First, have to ignore the following warnings to make it build on M1 Chip.
# -Wno-constant-logical-operand -Wno-format-nonliteral -Wno-self-assign
# To do so the above line should be appended to consts CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS
# under the 'Programs producing files for the HOST machine' section of
# the generated Makefile in dir 'build-gdb'.
# With the new updated flags clang should be able build gdb successfully with
# no more errors. Rerun "make" and then "make install" while in the "gdb-build"
# dir.
# Second, be sure to update 'with-python' and 'with-libgmp' flags below to appropriate
# location on personal system so gdb knows where to find them.
# Third, copy line 24 and 25 to terminal rc file i.e. .zshrc|.bashrc|etc ... so gdb is
# on terminal PATH.
# Fourth, enjoy debugging on the M1 with GDB.
export TARGET=arm-none-eabi
export PREFIX=$HOME/.local
export PATH=$PATH:$PREFIX/bin
export VERSION=12.1
export GDB=gdb-$VERSION
rm -rf $GDB
# Get archives
# Extract archives
tar xzvf $GDB.tar.gz
mkdir build-gdb
cd build-gdb
../$GDB/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$PREFIX --enable-interwork --enable-multilib --with-python=/opt/homebrew/bin/python3 --with-libgmp-prefix=/opt/homebrew/Cellar/gmp/6.2.1_1
make install
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Sir, thank you very much for the gist.
Have you ever tried compile corresponding gdbserver 12.1 as well?

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lmBored commented Mar 8, 2023

I tried installing gdb 12.1 manually on a macbook air m2 and it still not working, so not sure if this script works on m2

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@JayFoxRox Have you solved the issue with
"[...]/main": not in executable format: file format not recognized (file: main: Mach-O 64-bit executable arm64).
I'm on the same stage and cannot solve the issue.
If you have any progress, please share the solution. Currently my OS version is 13.1

Thanks in advance.

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No, it's not a user-error, but just missing support for it in gdb.

The latest information appears to be in - it links to a fork which has support for macOS on aarch64, but I didn't try it yet.

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m0sys commented Mar 22, 2023

Hey guys, I apologize for late response! This script that I posted only works for arm-none-eabi. I haven't personally tried to compile gdb for aarch64 since its not supported. Essentially, it's an abi issue. Check out gcc-darwin-arm64 for further support (haven't tried it yet). Thanks @JayFoxRox for the link!

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