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install phalconPHP on CentOS (with direct admin installed)

If you have problem to build phalconPHP from source on CentOS With PHP 5.4 (and maybe Direct Admin control panel installed) you can try these steps to solve your problem.

  • First you must find the absolute path of phpize executable. so run this command :
    whereis phpize
  • Go to the path that you cloned source of phalcon, then cd into build path & your system architecture (for me is 64Bit):
    cd /path/to/cphalcon/build/64Bits/
  • Run phpize like this :
  • Go back to build directory:
    cd ../ or cd /path/to/cphalcon/build
  • Find php-config executable Path with this command :
    whereis php-config
    (it could be at the same place of phpize)
  • Open install file with your favourite editor (nano,vi,vim ...) :
    sudo nano install
  • Finding phpize command & then change it with absolute path :
    phpize to /path/to/phpzie
  • Replace ./configure --enable-phalcon section with this :
    ./configure --enable-phalcon --with-php-config=/path/to/php-config
  • Save install file
  • Start build PhalconPHP with ./install
  • After build, you can run make test to find out that phalcon build successfully.
  • Adding to your php.ini
    • To find which php.ini is loaded see Loaded Configuration File in phpinfo() function.
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