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Unix Time stamp for created & modified field in database cakephp 3

##UnixTimeStamp Behavior for CakePHP 3.x This is modified version of default CakePHP Timestamp Behavior but it save unix timestamp integer into created or modified fields
only changed return statement in timestamp method in default behavior

##Install Steps:

  1. Copy UnixTimestampBehavior.php in /src/Model/Behavior/ or in your plugin behavior
  2. Go to your table models in /src/Model/Table
  3. Add behavior in to Table initialize method :
  4. Done!
namespace App\Model\Behavior;
use Cake\ORM\Behavior\TimestampBehavior;
use Cake\I18n\Time;
class UnixTimestampBehavior extends TimestampBehavior
* Get or set the timestamp to be used
* Set the timestamp to the given DateTime object, or if not passed a new DateTime object
* If an explicit date time is passed, the config option `refreshTimestamp` is
* automatically set to false.
* @param \DateTime $ts Timestamp
* @param bool $refreshTimestamp If true timestamp is refreshed.
* @return \Cake\I18n\Time
public function timestamp(DateTime $ts = null, $refreshTimestamp = false)
if ($ts) {
if ($this->_config['refreshTimestamp']) {
$this->_config['refreshTimestamp'] = false;
$this->_ts = new Time($ts);
} elseif ($this->_ts === null || $refreshTimestamp) {
$this->_ts = new Time();
return intval($this->_ts->toUnixString());
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