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On Password Expiration - Or why the BSI needs to act now!
# Some Standards Bodies (as of May 2019)
### Pro Password Expiration
- PCI DSS (Visa, Mastercard), BSI (DE)
### Contra Password Expiration
- Academia, NIST (USA), NCSC (UK)
# Some recent research and comments on the negative consequences of enforcing password expiration
2010 - Where Do Security Policies Come From?
2010 - The True Cost of Unusable Password Policies: Password Use in the Wild
2010 - The Security of Modern Password Expiration: An Algorithmic Framework and Empirical Analysis
2014 - United States Federal Employees’ Password Management Behaviors – A Department of Commerce Case Study
2015 - Quantifying the Security Advantage of Password Expiration Policies
2015 - Why we hate IT: Two surveys on pre‐generated and expiring passwords in an academic setting
2016 - The Problems with Forcing Regular Password Expiry
2016 - Time to rethink mandatory password changes
2016 - Revisiting Password Rules: Facilitating Human Management of Passwords
2018 - User Behaviors and Attitudes Under Password Expiration Policies
# Some related sources showing that users will change their passwords in very predictable ways
2014 - The Tangled Web of Password Reuse
2016 - Targeted Online Password Guessing: An Underestimated Threat
2016 - Understanding Password Choices: How Frequently Entered Passwords Are Re-used across Websites
2018 - “What was that site doing with my Facebook password?” Designing Password-Reuse Notifications
2018 - Abusing Password Reuse at Scale: Bcrypt and Beyond
2018 - Shadow Attacks Based on Password Reuses: A Quantitative Empirical Analysis
2019 - Beyond Credential Stuffing: Password Similarity Models using Neural Networks
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