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Created May 24, 2019 01:22
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Mount Borg Repo for Other Users
# Tested on CentOS7/AWS
$ sudo adduser borg-1
$ sudo adduser borg-2
$ sudo yum install -y borgbackup
$ sudo mkdir /mnt/repo
$ sudo chown borg-1:borg-1 repo
# Allow access to other users
$ sudo -u borg-1 borg mount -o allow_other /mnt/repo
$ ll
total 0
drwxr-xr-x. 1 borg-1 borg-1 0 May 24 01:17 repo
$ sudo -u borg-2 ls repo
nyx2.local-remote-test-repo-2018-12-14T12:51:06 nyx2.local__test-repo-2019-05-17T18:59:18
nyx2.local-remote-test-repo-2018-12-14T14:08:00 nyx2.local__test-repo-2019-05-19T11:12:52
# Unmount and try without `allow_other`
$ sudo -u borg-1 borg umount /mnt/repo
# Mount without allowing access
$ sudo -u borg-1 borg mount /mnt/repo
$ sudo -u borg-2 ls -l
ls: cannot access repo: Permission denied
total 0
d????????? ? ? ? ? ? repo
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