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Created May 23, 2011
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Starcraft2 Tournament helper system specifications

StarCraft 2 Bracket and Map-choosing system

This is just an attempt at a half-serious project, will probably try to make one as a test for my PHP Framework while I'm working on that.



  • Add map with name, information (text) and image
  • Create tournament with name and description


  • Sign up with email, id and picture and race (including random)

Admins on a tournament

  • Add stages to a tournament (Groups, Round of 32, round of 16 etc.)
    • Specify map-pool for each stage
      • Set weights to maps to allow a higher probability for certain maps
    • Specify format for each stage (a Round of 32 should allow also a round of 16, 8, 4 and 2, if not specified to only carry on for a certain number of repetitions)
    • Specify link to next stage (could be complicated, should probably be made to allow for the most common progression styles)
    • Specify number of games per match (will influence the veto number depending on the number of maps in the map pool)
  • Add users to the first stage of the tournament
  • Lock map-choosing for a certain match (will save the current result of the two players choice and keep it for that match in the brackets) so that the players cannot change it when the match is being played
  • Enter scores for a match played, which will automatically decide the winner and update the brackets

Users on a tournament

  • Can choose which maps they don't want in their matches, ordered, so X of the topmost chosen ones will be omitted, allow to chose (num maps in mappool - number of rounds in match) so maps can still be skipped even if they choose the same maps
  • Can choose another player and specify a specific list of maps they don't want to play against that player, if not done, will fall back to the defaults
  • Can see the brackets so they know which user they will meet

Viewers of a tournament

  • Can see the brackets
    • Gives information about the players
    • Gives information about which map-pool was used
    • Results in played matches
    • Upcoming matches and their map-pools
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