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Last active Aug 18, 2016

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Homebrew Meteor Formula

Homebrew Meteor Formula

Note: This formula is outdated.

To install Meteor with the Homebrew formula below, run:

brew install

This Homebrew Meteor Formula is based on

require 'formula'
class Meteor < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
sha1 '5233ee07f8fabdce927b6de40b8cbd612c4334c7'
def install
libexec.install(Dir['{.*,*}'] - ['.', '..']) # includes dotfiles
(bin+'meteor').write <<-EOS.undent
exec "#{libexec}/bin/meteor" "$@"
def test
system "#{bin}/meteor", '--version'

The above formula is out of date. I've published a homebrew-tap that includes an updated formula for meteor that I intend to maintain as future releases are cut.

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