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I would avoid gigabyte's aorus lineup. Story time... (this is a personal story, I'm sure not every customer had their stuff break like this)...

I had a X3 13" QHD laptop at that point.

RMA 1:
My screen started started to separate about a year in to owning the laptop

macdja38 /
Created Jul 26, 2018
Confirm gitlab email by CLI

On your gitlab server run gitlab-rails console production

Find your user via user = User.find_by(email: "")

Optionally change the user's email with = "" Then run!

Get the user's token with user.confirmation_token


macdja38 / foundation_db_tutorial_1
Created Apr 21, 2018
FoundationDB's python tutorial ported to python 3, running on a process pool instead of a 1 thread per student.
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import itertools
import random
import fdb
from functools import partial
import time
from multiprocessing import Pool
macdja38 / Discord Join Messages
Created Apr 21, 2017
All the discord join messages
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SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN: "[!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick) just joined the server - glhf!",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_01: "[!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick) just joined. Everyone, look busy!",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_02: "[!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick) just joined. Can I get a heal?",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_03: "[!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick) joined your party.",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_04: "[!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick) joined. You must construct additional pylons.",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_05: "Ermagherd. [!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick) is here.",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_06: "Welcome, [!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick). Stay awhile and listen.",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_07: "Welcome, [!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick). We were expecting you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)",
SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GUILD_MEMBER_JOIN_08: "Welcome, [!!{username}!!](usernameOnClick). We hope you brought pi
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am macdja38 on github.
* I am macdja38 ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is BC72 6E30 6545 0C19 6DAD 3790 7377 808F 1689 DBB2
To claim this, I am signing this object:
macdja38 / make.js
Created Jan 15, 2017
dynamic config page db page init
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r.db("tau").table("settingsMap").insert({id: "38383838338|97069403178278912", layout: {
type: 'pageSelector',
key: 'pageSelector',
defalut: 'ranks',
children: {
ranks: {
type: 'category',
name: 'ranks',
key: 'ranks',
description: 'joinable ranks',