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View comma-first-var.js
// See comments below.
// This code sample and justification brought to you by
// Isaac Z. Schlueter, aka isaacs
// standard style
var a = "ape",
b = "bat",
c = "cat",
d = "dog",
View test_mail_purge.rb
require 'minitest/mock'
require 'minitest/unit'
require 'date'
class TestMailPurge < MiniTest::Unit::TestCase
class MailPurge
def initialize(imap)
@imap = imap


This gist tests various aspects of syslog from Ruby. In order to do so you have to setup syslog first.

Setting up syslog is system-specific and quite variable because of variations like rsyslogd or syslogd-ng. OSX, for example, uses a custom system logger (the apple system logger) that supports the syslog API, but also adds additional stuff like the 'syslog' command line application.

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