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SOCVR Nomination 2018
So I'm throwing my (hard) hat into the ring again.
I've become more active in the burnination process over at Trogdor and have been doing a lot more with the mods.
I mean, I'm practically Bhargav's best friend now* (in Trogdor, mostly because nobody else is in there).
I spend a fair amount of time in the room, participate in Smokey, and have memorized the Makyen Code of Conduct...
wait, he has a userscript for that. I think I can help in the oddball times I sometimes pop into the room and Compass is eating the flowers.
If you have questions, that's understandable. I can try to answer them, but forgive me if I try to close them instead.

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jdd-software commented Aug 23, 2018

You do fantastic work Mac and as a SOCVR user I would be proud to have you as RO, your humor is great, so my question is can you use it when you see users in chat both commenting on and speaking in chat about a meta question?


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machavity commented Aug 24, 2018

While we don't moderate Meta (it is a silly place) I would keep an eye on it to make sure we weren't whipping up a mob to presumably moderate it (i.e. we wind up with a comment chain and 5 SOCVR users close/delete the Meta)

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