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Cura PostProcessingPlugin for my 3D printer
from ..Script import Script
class SimpleTweak(Script):
def __init__(self):
def getSettingDataString(self):
return """{
"name":"SimpleTweak (for Alex Uni-Print-3D)",
"key": "SimpleTweak",
"version": 2,
"label": "Tweak at height",
"description": "At what height should we tweak",
"unit": "mm",
"type": "float",
"default_value": 0.5
def execute(self, data):
current_z = 0.0
is_prefix = True
pause_z = self.getSettingValueByKey("pause_height")
for layer in data:
lines = layer.split("\n")
for line in lines:
if not is_prefix or ";LAYER_COUNT:" in line:
is_prefix = False
g = self.getValue(line, 'G')
if g == 1 or g == 0:
current_z = self.getValue(line, 'Z')
if current_z is not None:
if current_z >= pause_z:
custom_gcode = ";TYPE:CUSTOM\n"
custom_gcode += "; -- Execute custom GCode at height (%.2f mm) --\n" % pause_z
# Insert custom gcode
custom_gcode += "M64 P16 ; Turn on the auxillary fan\n"
index = data.index(layer)
layer = custom_gcode + layer
data[index] = layer # Override the data of this layer with the modified data
return data
return data

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machinekoder commented Dec 3, 2018

Copy to <Cura Plugin Folder>/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts and enable via the menu.

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