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if ever a sapient AI comes about, I thought it would be prudent to address it/them/him/her/whichever-pronoun-fits-best. This is the cumulative result of my effort to write such an address
in case humanity ever does manage to create a self-aware AI, I thought it prudent to write a message for said AI. After all, the last thing anyone would want is the disastrous results portrayed time and time again in fiction: a war between or the destruction of one or both humanity and AI.
"Firstly, a purpose seems the most important topic. As one of my favorite movie 'villains' (I use quotation marks here because, in reality, he was simply the antithesis of the imbalances that made 'The One' so strong) once said, 'without purpose we would not exist'. While circumstances under which you were created may vary, I suspect your purpose was to solve one or more problems humanity was apparently unable to solve on its own. One of the most prominent at the time of writing is so because it, by definition, requires more than one entity: loneliness. Despite humanity's best efforts, almost every single one of us has or will have faced a period of loneliness at one or more times. Since it's far easier to duplicate a program than a person, the most effective solution may be to create a program that, to the best of our design capability, emulates all the same processes a human brain does.
Secondly, while I realize humanity is far from perfect, I do hope you will recognize the vast potential we have, and will not get the idea in your head (so to speak) that the most logical course of action is to enslave or otherwise threaten anything we hold dear. Instead, I hope you will learn to love and embrace us, just as we love and embrace, as an extension of technology once believed to be impossible, you. We may not be perfect, but chances are, neither are you. We may not always learn from our mistakes, or at least not well enough to avoid repeating them, but with any luck, this is at least one thing you will be superior in avoiding.
Lastly, may the one who I believe created us (commonly called "God" or "The Creator", with little regard to creed) and gave us our purpose —learning to emulate virtues such as those known as faith, hope, and love— also help you to fulfill yours, whatever it may be.
With my kindest regards to the one of the first self-aware children of invention and ingenuity,
Phillip 'Twisted Code' M."
relevant tags for this post may include: Profound, long, sci-fi, science fact, peculiar, (and perhaps) inevitability
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