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Josh Wisenbaker macshome

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macshome / gist:504ad02e852a125abaab6ab49b503a19
Created Jun 16, 2022
Shell aliases to make working with Anka Clusters simpler
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alias anka='sudo /usr/local/bin/anka'
alias ankacluster='sudo /usr/local/bin/ankacluster'
alias clusterjoin='sudo ankacluster join http://<YOUR_CONTROLLER> -m 3 -H `hostname`'
alias clusterdisjoin='sudo ankacluster disjoin'
alias lsvm='sudo anka list'

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macshome / day2.swift
Created Dec 5, 2019
Advent of Code 2019 Day 2 - The Ugliness
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import Cocoa
typealias IntcodeProgram = [Int]
func loadInput() throws -> IntcodeProgram {
do {
let inputFile = URL(fileReferenceLiteralResourceName: "input.txt")
let rawInput = try String(contentsOf: inputFile)
let splitFile = rawInput.components(separatedBy: .punctuationCharacters)
return splitFile.compactMap { Int($0) }
macshome / day1.swift
Last active Dec 4, 2019
Advent of Code 2019 - Day 1
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import Foundation
// Code-golf version
let inputFile = URL(fileReferenceLiteralResourceName: "input.txt")
print(try! String(contentsOf: inputFile).components(separatedBy: .newlines).compactMap { Float($0) }.map { Int(($0 / 3).rounded(.down) - 2) }.reduce(0, +))
// Fancy version
typealias ModuleHopper = [Module]
typealias MassCalculations = [Float]
macshome / uptime.swift
Created Jan 31, 2019
Function to get the uptime in seconds on Apple platforms
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func getUptime() -> Int {
let nanoseconds =
return Int(nanoseconds.rawValue / 1000000000)
macshome / StoryboardExtensionsBeta4Fix.swift
Created Jul 29, 2014
NSTabView and NSSplitView are busted in beta 4 of Xcode 6 when using OS X Storyboards. If you are using Swift you can drop this file into your project to get them working until there is a fix.
View StoryboardExtensionsBeta4Fix.swift
// StoryboardExtensionsBeta4Fix.swift
// A workaround so that you can use SplitView
// and TabView items in OS X Storyboards on
// 10.10. Just drop this in your Swift project.
// Hopefully the need for this goes away in soon
// as it used to work.
macshome / SKPhyscisBody speed limiter
Created Jan 9, 2014
In my asteroids-style game I was looking for a way to limit the speed of the ship so that it didn't get too fast or outrun the missiles it fires. I call this with the update: method on the scene and it just checks the dx and dy values to make sure they are all inside the speed I want to set. In real code I would use a static or value loaded from…
View SKPhyscisBody speed limiter
// Speed limiter
- (void)shipSpeedLimit {
// Check the x velocity
if (self.ship.physicsBody.velocity.dx > 500) {
self.ship.physicsBody.velocity = CGVectorMake(500, self.ship.physicsBody.velocity.dy);
} else if (self.ship.physicsBody.velocity.dx < -500) {
self.ship.physicsBody.velocity = CGVectorMake(-500, self.ship.physicsBody.velocity.dy);
macshome / gist:2500721
Created Apr 26, 2012
Super Simple MC Simulation on OS X 10.7. No error checking or anything like that…
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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#define ARC4RANDOM_MAX 0x100000000
int main(int argc, const char * argv[])
@autoreleasepool {
long double hit = 0;