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Strange Connection
<title>Strange Connection</title>
<h1><p align=center>Strange Connection</p></h1>
<p align=center><i>"This new dating app is a total game-changer." - The New York Times</i></p>
<p align=center>Tired of deciding who to go on a date with based on only a few boring images? Try *Strange Connection* - a strange but real way to turn strangers into "friends".</p>
<p align=center>Get to know more about the Bae you're interested in by one simple click.</p>
<p align=center>
<img id="dude01" src="/assets/dude01.png" style="width:250px;height:300px;padding:20px;">
<img id="dude02" src="/assets/dude02.jpg" style="width:250px;height:300px;padding:20px;">
<img id="dude03" src="/assets/dude08.jpg" style="width:250px;height:300px;padding:20px;">
<img id="dude04" src="/assets/dude04.jpg" style="width:250px;height:300px;padding:20px;">
<img id="dude05" src="/assets/dude05.png" style="width:250px;height:300px;padding:20px;">
<img id="dude06" src="/assets/dude03.jpg" style="width:250px;height:300px;padding:20px;">
<script src='script.js'></script>
<!-- <ul id="test">
<li>item 1</li>
<li>item 2</li>
<li>item 3</li>
console.log('hello from script');
const synth = window.speechSynthesis;
const speak = text => {
if (synth.speaking) {
let utterThis = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance(text);
utterThis.pitch = 0.7;
utterThis.rate = 1;
document.querySelector('#dude01').onclick = () => {
speak('Hello, I am Nick. I just turned 27 yesterday yay! I live in Hoboken and yes that is my dog Oliver.');
document.querySelector('#dude02').onclick = () => {
speak('What up sexy, I am Andrew with a British accent. I just got back from the gym. Would you like to come join me in the shower? l m k');
document.querySelector('#dude03').onclick = () => {
speak('My name is Dan. I graduated from London School of Economics and I am currently an Investment Banker. I am 6 feet and 6 inches tall so I get a lot of matches. Also, thats not my girlfriend, shes just a friend, wink wink!');
document.querySelector('#dude04').onclick = () => {
speak('Just looking for a perfect catch! x o x o, Tyler.');
document.querySelector('#dude05').onclick = () => {
speak('Ciao, I am Giuseppe and I just moved to New York with my scooter. H m u if you want a ride!');
document.querySelector('#dude06').onclick = () => {
speak('Hey its Nate here. I live by the motto: the sky is the limit. The lady behind me is just a really good model friend from a campaign shoot. Cheers!');
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