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Custom Gravity Forms Dropdown Validation
* Custom Gravity Forms validation. Make sure the form isn't submitted with the default dropdown values
* Useful for when your Gravity Form is displaying default values instead of the field labels.
* Tie our validation function to the 'gform_validation' hook. Since we've appended _1 to the filter name (gform_validation_1)
* it will only trigger on form ID 1. Change this number if you want it to trigger on some other form ID.
* There's no sense in running this function on every form submission, now is there!
* @return validation results
function myawesometheme_validate_gravity_default_values( $validation_result ) {
// Get the form object from the validation result
$form = $validation_result["form"];
// Get the current page being validated
$current_page = rgpost( 'gform_source_page_number_' . $form['id'] ) ? rgpost( 'gform_source_page_number_' . $form['id'] ) : 1;
// Loop through the form fields
foreach( $form['fields'] as &$field ){
$value_number = rgpost( "input_{$field['id']}" );
// If the field is a dropdown select field, make sure the first (default) choice isn't selected
if ( $field['type'] === 'select' && $field['choices'][0]['text'] === $value_number ) {
$is_valid = false;
else {
$is_valid = true;
// If the field is valid we don't need to do anything, skip it
if( !$is_valid ) {
// The field failed validation, so first we'll need to fail the validation for the entire form
$validation_result['is_valid'] = false;
// Next we'll mark the specific field that failed and add a custom validation message
$field['failed_validation'] = true;
$field['validation_message'] = "Please select one of the values available.";
// Assign our modified $form object back to the validation result
$validation_result['form'] = $form;
// Return the validation result
return $validation_result;
add_filter( 'gform_validation_1', 'myawesometheme_validate_gravity_default_values' );

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@pandglobal pandglobal commented Jan 15, 2020

Nice, thanks for sharing, though what i want exactly is to validate that the user do not submit any value that is not included in the choice field or array.
Am fusing the autopopulate function and i want those values not changed at the front end.
So validation error should read "the value you selected does not exist in the given options"

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