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Created October 9, 2009 23:12
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* the new reload interaction
* having a conversation view for DM & replies
* the freaking awesome nearby view!
* search is a first class citizen
* dm and mention notification
* video upload
* MapKit integration
* super options for posting, but very hidden so as not to annoy
* insane support for 3rd party services that just work without having to even know thats what they are
* the subtle sound effects. No one is really doing this. With a UI as organic as the iPhone, I think when done right, its awesome. Well done sir.
* the custom tab bar. To me, its just gratuitous.
* stateful views. I want Tweetie to open to my feed everytime I open it. Not to some deep nested view I was on when I last used it.
* using grouped table view look and feel for a User view and Tweet view. Its just not pretty.
* the feed cell backgrounds. I just prefer something a little less bright.
* why are the conversation views of replies and dm's completely different?
Overall I love Tweetie 2.0. A ton of features and services have been added and integrated without clutter.
Everything just works like it should. @atebits has taken a ton of facilities and made a Twitter experience,
rather than a Twitter client. It's about using Tweetie, not the services. Well done.
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