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Upload static file dir recursively to Amazon S3 using python
from os import listdir
from os.path import isdir
from simples3 import S3Bucket # pip install simples3
root = "../static"
exclude = [".DS_Store"]
A = "access key"
B = "secret key"
bucket = "guidenext"
s3 = S3Bucket(bucket,
base_url="" % bucket)
def upload_file(src):
print "- uploading %s" % src
f = open(src)
s3.put(src.replace(root, "admin"),
def upload_dir(path):
for f in listdir(path):
if f not in exclude:
if isdir("%s/%s" % (path, f)) is True:
upload_dir("%s/%s" % (path, f))
upload_file("%s/%s" % (path, f))
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