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Created Oct 27, 2016
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{-# LANGUAGE GADTs #-} -- soft dependent types
{-# LANGUAGE PolyKinds #-} -- Allow general specification of Refl
{-# LANGUAGE RankNTypes #-} -- The forall stuff
{-# LANGUAGE DataKinds #-}
{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies #-}
module Proof where
-- Our type level numerals
data Nat = Z | S Nat
-- Value level naturals
data SNat (n :: Nat) where
Zero :: SNat Z
Succ :: SNat n -> SNat (S n)
instance Show (SNat n) where
show Zero = "Zero"
show (Succ n) = "Succ " ++ (show n)
type family Add (n :: Nat) (m :: Nat) :: Nat
type instance Add Z m = m
type instance Add (S m) n = S (Add m n)
-- Type Equality
-- Import from Data.Type.Equality. Only explicit for educational purposes.
data Refl a b where
Refl :: Refl a a
instance Show (Refl a b) where
show Refl = "Refl"
-- Basic properties
reflexive :: Refl a a
reflexive = Refl
symmetry :: Refl a b -> Refl b a
symmetry Refl = Refl
transitive :: Refl a b -> Refl b c -> Refl a c
transitive Refl Refl = Refl
-- helpers
castWith :: Refl a b -> a -> b
castWith Refl x = x
gcastWith :: Refl a b -> ((a ~ b) => r) -> r
gcastWith Refl x = x
-- Proof, no quantifiers
-- 1+1=2
onePlusOneEqualsTwo :: Refl (Add (S Z) (S Z)) (S (S Z))
onePlusOneEqualsTwo = Refl
-- Intermedio: Proof using quantifiers but no induction
-- Weird names for not hitting prelude names
data Boolean = Tru | Fls
data SBool (a :: Boolean) where
STrue :: SBool Tru
SFalse :: SBool Fls
type family And (a :: Boolean) (b :: Boolean) :: Boolean
type instance And Tru Tru = Tru
type instance And Fls Tru = Fls
type instance And Tru Fls = Fls
type instance And Fls Fls = Fls
type family Or (a :: Boolean) (b :: Boolean) :: Boolean
type instance Or Tru Tru = Tru
type instance Or Fls Tru = Tru
type instance Or Tru Fls = Tru
type instance Or Fls Fls = Fls
type family Not (b :: Boolean) :: Boolean
type instance Not Tru = Fls
type instance Not Fls = Tru
-- Proof using quantifiers, but no induction
deMorgan :: SBool a -> SBool b -> Refl (Not (And a b)) (Or (Not a) (Not b))
deMorgan STrue STrue = Refl
deMorgan STrue SFalse = Refl
deMorgan SFalse STrue = Refl
deMorgan SFalse SFalse = Refl
-- Proof - a single quantifier and induction
plus_id_l :: SNat n -> Refl (Add Z n) n
plus_id_l n = Refl -- Follows directly from the specification of add
plus_id_r :: forall n. SNat n -> Refl (Add n Z) n
plus_id_r Zero = Refl
plus_id_r (Succ x) = gcastWith (plus_id_r x) Refl -- Hey! Induction!
-- Proof - two quantifiers
plus_is_associative :: SNat a -> SNat b -> SNat c -> Refl (Add a (Add b c)) (Add (Add a b) c)
plus_is_associative Zero b c = Refl
plus_is_associative (Succ a) b c = gcastWith (plus_is_associative a b c) Refl
plus_is_commutative :: SNat n -> SNat m -> Refl (Add m n) (Add n m)
plus_is_commutative Zero Zero = Refl
plus_is_commutative Zero m = plus_id_r m
plus_is_commutative (Succ n) m = error "For the reader"
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