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Search and replace string across files with R
## The following example demonstrates
## how a serach and replace string task
## can be peformed with R across several files
## Create two text files with content
filenames <- c( tempfile(), tempfile() )
for( f in filenames ){
cat("We wish you a Merry Christmas!\n\nBest regards\n", file=f)
## Replace Merry Christmas with Happy New Year
for( f in filenames ){
x <- readLines(f)
y <- gsub( "Merry Christmas", "Happy New Year", x )
cat(y, file=f, sep="\n")
## Review output
for( f in filenames ){
cat(readLines(f), sep="\n")

Thanks! Very helpful!


Fantastic. I used this as a basis to build a helper function that changes file paths from PC environment "" to Mac environment "/"

jlcho commented Jul 23, 2015

Awesome. This was helpful. :)

Shansh commented Mar 24, 2016

Impressive! Thank you very much. You spared me a lot of time. The web-site that I admin, recently has moved from .org to .com. I have used your loop for replacing and it worked perfectly :)

So simple.... Thank you!

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