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# Download World Bank data and turn into data.table
myDT <- data.table(
wb(indicator = c("SP.POP.TOTL",
"SP.DYN.TFRT.IN"), mrv = 60)
# Download country mappings
countries <- data.table(wbcountries())
# Set keys to join the data sets
setkey(myDT, iso2c)
setkey(countries, iso2c)
# Add regions to the data set, but remove aggregates
myDT <- countries[myDT][ ! region %in% "Aggregates"]
# Reshape data into a wide format
wDT <- reshape(
myDT[, list(
country, region, date, value, indicator)],
v.names = "value",
idvar=c("date", "country", "region"),
timevar="indicator", direction = "wide")
# Turn date, here year, from character into integer
wDT[, date := as.integer(date)]
setnames(wDT, names(wDT),
c("Country", "Region",
"Year", "Population",
"Fertility", "LifeExpectancy"))
M <- gvisMotionChart(wDT, idvar = "Country",
timevar = "Year",
xvar = "LifeExpectancy",
yvar = "Fertility",
sizevar = "Population",
colorvar = "Region")
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