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Created September 14, 2017 15:55
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Nightfall - Inverted Spire tips
Strategy for inverted spire Nightfall:
- IMPORTANT: Make sure that your fire-team have arc, solar and void weapons
- Sparrow to first section and drop void grenade on minotaur (it's always void)
- Kill ads and it will probably flip to arc
- Open platforms and loop through next section
- Kill some ads, take loop
- Next section: DO NOT JUMP THROUGH LOOP. Take out ads first. Then jump through all loops
- You should have about 8min on the clock again
- Skip next section and sparrow to right boss. Take him out
- Go over to left section, take out boss.
- Ads will despawn, now jump through all loops - you should be back at 10-11min
- Jump through loop and throw nade at ads
- Skip next section bosses and jump through as many loops as you can.
- Someone needs to make it to the end and others get dragged through
- At boss: Make sure to match arc/solar/void. Don't use supers at first section.
- Burn super at 2nd section and 3rd section. You should finish with 6-7min
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