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Created July 17, 2015 07:15
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Illustrator tips & tricks

Illustrator tips & tricks

Some smart moves to make up for missing functionalities.

Circle through two points

Result: circle of given radius that is going exacly through two anchor points.


  1. Draw a circle with radius r.
  2. Draw a straight line A2, B2 starting in point A1, ending in point B1.
  3. Rotate the line to 0deg horizontal position.
  4. Align the line to the center, center of the circle.
  5. Move the line straight up, by A2, up to the intersection with circle.
  6. Group the line and the circle together.
  7. Move the group, aligning A2 with A1.
  8. Rotate the group by dragging B2 to B1 and with rotation point in A1 (A2)
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