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Last active Aug 9, 2016
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Installation and Usage Guide for @artofcode's User Script to automatically feed back on flagged posts
I. Install the Userscript
1. Install Greasemonkey (for Firefox -> or Tampermonkey (for Chrome -> to be able to install user Scripts
2. Create or Have a review-approved Metasmoke Account (to create a Metasmoke account go here -> to get it review-approved ping @Undo in Charcoal HQ)
3. Log in to your metasmoke account with the "remember me" box checked at
4. Install the Userscript by clicking on "raw" in the gist (Current Latest Version here (Always check chat for the latest update though)
II. Functionality
This userscript will:
- Display whether or not a Smokey-report exists of a given question in the flag dialog
- Display whether that report has feedback and what feedback
- Automatically feed back `sd tpu-` on any post you flag as spam that has a current report
- Automatically feed back `sd naa-` on any post you flag as NAA that has a current report
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