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Very liberal PHP is valid email check.
function isValidEmailAddress($email) {
return (
(preg_match('/^[^\r\n\t]+@[^\r\n\t ]+\.(?i)[a-z]{2,10}$/',$email)) &&
(count($partList = explode('@',$email)) == 2) &&
// valid
// invalid
isValidEmailAddress("my.n\t\r\name@some\"); // \r\n\t characters bad
isValidEmailAddress(""); // spaces in domain component
isValidEmailAddress(""); // multiple "@" characters
isValidEmailAddress(""); // longer than 10 characters TLD
isValidEmailAddress(""); // double (or more) sequential dots

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Xeoncross commented Apr 17, 2014

What about control characters or whitespace? Look at the PHP unicode regex rules on


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magnetikonline commented Apr 17, 2014

Whitespace in the domain portion, good point - but it IS valid in the name@ part if the name is quoted.

Trying not to be too intense here with the checking :)

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