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A simple picker to pick a enum.
import SwiftUI
struct EnumPicker<T: Hashable & CaseIterable, V: View>: View {
@Binding var selected: T
var title: String? = nil
let mapping: (T) -> V
var body: some View {
Picker(selection: $selected, label: Text(title ?? "")) {
ForEach(Array(T.allCases), id: \.self) {
extension EnumPicker where T: RawRepresentable, T.RawValue == String, V == Text {
init(selected: Binding<T>, title: String? = nil) {
self.init(selected: selected, title: title) {
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magnuskahr commented Nov 14, 2021

Hey @apocolipse!
That is also a take on using enum for pickers. If a simple text view is what always is needed, I think it is a great solution, however it misses the view flexibility of my version :-)

Also, the best of both world can be done! See this extension for my version:

extension EnumPicker where V == Text {
    init(selected: Binding<T>, title: String? = nil, display: @escaping (T) -> String) {
        self.init(selected: selected, title: title) {

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