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Unit test to validate django templates
class TemplatesTest(TestCase):
def test_templates(self):
"""Templates can compile properly and there's no mismatched tags"""
# get app template dirs
template_dirs = []
apps = [app for app in settings.INSTALLED_APPS
if app.startswith('rh2')]
for app in apps:
mod = import_module(app)
# get template dirs from settings
for template_dir in settings.TEMPLATE_DIRS:
# find all templates (*.html and *.txt)
templates = []
for template_dir in template_dirs:
templates += glob.glob('%s/*.html' % template_dir)
templates += glob.glob('%s/*.txt' % template_dir)
for root, dirnames, filenames in walk(template_dir):
for dirname in dirnames:
template_folder = path.join(root, dirname)
templates += glob.glob('%s/*.html' % template_folder)
templates += glob.glob('%s/*.txt' % template_folder)
for template in templates:
with open(template, 'r') as f:
source =
# template compilation fails on impaired or invalid blocks tags
except TemplateSyntaxError, e:
raise TemplateSyntaxError('%s in %s' % (e, template))
# check for badly formated tags or filters
"Found impaired {%% and %%} in %s" % template)
"Found impaired {{ and }} in %s" % template)
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