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Some pytest(-django) fixtures that I find useful. There's also an "app" fixture to take advantage of django-webtest when used with py.test.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import, division
import pytest
from django_webtest import DjangoTestApp, WebTestMixin
class Stub(object):
"""Stub methods, keep track of calls."""
def __init__(self, monkeypatch):
self.monkeypatch = monkeypatch
self.stubbed = {}
def stub(self, obj, **kwargs):
"""Stub obj.method to return whatever parameter was passed for method.
Usage: stub(django.utils.timezone, now='now')
It's possible to stub several methods on the same object at once.
self.stubbed.setdefault(obj, {})
for method, val in kwargs.items():
self._stub(obj, method, val)
return self.stubbed[obj]
def _stub(self, obj, method, value):
"""Wrap the value to be returned, to check for its calls."""
def call(*args, **kwargs):
"""Return the value monkeypatched for this method, track call."""
self.stubbed[obj][method].append({'args': args, 'kwargs': kwargs})
return value(*args, **kwargs)
self.stubbed[obj][method] = [] # new stub: reset calls, if any
self.monkeypatch.setattr(obj, method, call)
def stubber(monkeypatch):
"""Provides stubbing capabilities."""
return Stub(monkeypatch)
def stub_save(stubber):
"""Stub the method to avoid database access."""
from django.db.models import Model
def stubbed_save(self, *args, **kwargs):
return 'no database access'
stubbed = stubber.stub(Model, save=stubbed_save)
return stubbed['save']
def setup_view():
def _setup_view(view, request, *args, **kwargs):
"""Mimic as_view() returned callable, but returns a view instance.
args and kwargs are the same you would pass to ``reverse()``
view.request = request
view.args = args
view.kwargs = kwargs
return view
return _setup_view
def app():
"""WebTest's TestApp.
Patch and unpatch settings before and after each test.
WebTestMixin, when used in a unittest.TestCase, automatically calls
_patch_settings() and _unpatchsettings.
wtm = WebTestMixin()
return DjangoTestApp()
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Your webtest fixture needs request as a parameter. Useful snippet though - thanks.

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